MOOCs are the new best friends of anyone who wants to learn from anywhere in the globe. These “Massive Open Online Courses” offer unlimited access to vast range of educative materials to the geographically dispersed individuals. A MOOC may often be patterned according to an university course and may often offer certification to its students. Some of the top sites offering popular MOOCs are,

Despite having enrolled in lots of online courses, here are a few that I actually managed to complete.

1. Learn Android Programming from Scratch (view certificate)

                   Eduonix Technologies & Udemy, 2013 

2. Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems (view certificate)

                  Coursera Verified Certificates, 2014 

3. Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems: Part 2 (view certificate)

                 Coursera Verified Certificates, License 7AFNZ5V2B, 2014 

4. Simple Leadership Tools for every Team Member (view certificate)

                 Udemy Certificate of Completion,2014 

5. Learn HTML5 Programming from Scratch (view certificate)

                 Udemy Certificate of Completion, 2015

6. Project Management (view certificate)

Udemy Certificate of Completion, 2015

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