How to resolve JSON serialization error in Telerik MVC grid to populate large dataset

For the past year, I have been working with Telerik MVC extensions. When I initially started, it seemed a good idea to use these controls event though I was aware that Telerik no longer supported these controls. Down the line,  I came across several instances where I wished I had used some other controls to begin with. Anyway, that is not to say that these controls are not handy. They are very useful if you want to get an application ready with few controls here and there, without having to go into the details.

But sometimes it is just a pure headache. I encountered an issue where I got a “JSON serialization error” when trying to load a large data-set into the telerik mvc grid using Ajax binding. The Data Access layer and the back-end scripts seemed to be populating the right data-set into the model. But when the exception occurred when the model had to be rendered into the telerik mvc grid.


I tried increasing the maxLength in the web.config (as suggested in StackOverFlow posts) but that did not resolve the issue. The first assumption was that the since the JsonResult class caused the serialized JSON string to exceed the default maximum string of the JavaScriptSerializer class, this should have fixed the issue. Well, it did not fix the issue as the value of the MaxJsonLength only applies to the internal JavaScriptSerializer used by asynchronous communication layer to invoke Web services methods.


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Copy data to clipboard using javascript

Having been a programmer for more than 8 years now, I feel I still cannot grasp the functionalities that would make the end-users happy. These might be a mere few lines of code from a technical perspective, but these might very well make the end-users very happy.

I came across one of such incident recently. One of the user of my application was an elderly person who had to type in so many numbers from one system to a third-party system (among many tasks). So, we added a “Copy” icon for her to copy those numbers on a button and simply paste them in the other system. I was really amazed by her gratification. And it made me realize no matter who complex algorithm or architecture we design for our customers, it won’t matter until it helps them in one way or the another.

Okay. Enough of the background. Let’s get to the technical nitty-gritty now. I was surprised how hard it was to find a suitable method to copy “stuffs” to the clipboard. Of course, I came across several javascript libraries such as clipboard.js and zeroclipboard which claims to do the job in few simple steps. But I didn’t want to use any extra javascript libraries. After devouring stackoverflow for a significant amount of time, I came across a solution that just use pure javascript.

The following javascript function ‘copyData()’ uses ‘document.execCommand(‘copy’)‘ to copy the currently ‘highlighted’ data to the clipboard. ‘execCommand()‘ is an Internet Explorer-based statement that allows the browser to execute a command specified as its argument. As you can see below, we have a hidden textarea , which will hold the text to be copied passed as argument to the function ‘copyData()’. The ‘data’ will be placed in the hidden textarea and is highlighted and then will be copied to the clipboard.

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