Learning Eclipse : One feature at a time

Finally, I have some time to spare. Just yesterday, I submitted my last assignment for a Coursera course “Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems“. It was a very illuminating and interesting experience. As I have been a .NET developer ever since I started coding, I get to spent very less time trying out other frameworks and other programming languages, other than Visual Studio. This is the precise reason why I tend to sign up for one of these courses, which let me code in other frameworks and other languages. For instance, I have tried the MOOCs on Python and Scala, both of which use Eclipse as the preferred IDE.

I have always been fascinated with Eclipse and the features that it facilitates its huge audience, supporting a wide variety of different programming languages. I intend to dedicate this post to the useful features that Eclipse provides to ease a developer’s life. Continue reading


Anomalous Debugging Behaviour in Visual Studio 2013

I encountered a strange issue while I was debugging a C# project using Visual Studio 2013. Whenever I hit any breakpoints during debugging, I could not check the “watch” values of any variables or expressions. I could not check those values through “Immediate Window” too. I kept getting “Could not evaluate expression” error as shown below.


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